A Letter To Our Clients

Dear Susan Saffron Family, 

I want to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude towards all of our amazing clients. To start, I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me, my team, and my store during not only the last several tumultuous months but the last 10 years at Susan Saffron Jewelry Boutique. 

The support and love each and every one of our customers has shown me over the years means the world to me! 

Susan Saffron talking to client
Through your generosity you have allowed me to raise a family and now put my triplets through college. 

A family of 5 with mom on the swing
Susan Saffron triplets smiling
Through your support you have allowed me to grow an amazing Saffron team that feels more like family.  

Susan Saffron Jewelry Boutique Staff
Ashley chatting with a customer with mask on
And through your kindness you have allowed me to truly connect with so many wonderful people while getting to do what I love. 

I count my blessings every day for the generosity and compassion I have received from all of you. Let’s continue into this Fall season showing care, understanding, and appreciation for one another! 


With all my love, 

Susan Saffron