Fine Jewelry Lariats

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    From classic diamond necklaces, stunning pendants, and elegant lariat necklaces to colorful beads and funky charms, a necklace from Susan Saffron Jewelry will make you a star!
    5 products
    Small Square Oval Link Faux Pave Diamond Toggle Lariat Necklace
    Zoe Chicco
    Pave Diamond Lighting Bolt Small Square Edge Dog Tag Lariat
    Zoe Chicco
    Daric Medallion Power Necklace
    Sale price $1,400 Regular price $2,800 Save $1,400
    14KY Kite Crossary Necklace
    Sale price $1,000 Regular price $2,000 Save $1,000
    Diamond Pave Chime Lariat Necklace
    Saffron Jewelry
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