18KY Kyanite Teardrop Flower Charm

18KY Kyanite Teardrop Flower Charm

18KY Kyanite Teardrop Flower Charm

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This exquisite 18KY Kyanite Teardrop Flower Charm features four stunning teardrop-shaped blue kyanite stones, all connected in the middle, symbolizing the powerful connection between ourselves and God.

The deep blue of the stone reflects the vastness and beauty of the heavens, while the charm's design represents the unity and harmony that we can achieve when we are in tune with our own spirits and with the divine.

This piece can be a bold statement independently or layered with other charms. Layering multiple charms of vibrant hues can create a breathtaking display of meaning and beauty, offering a stunning and personalized expression of one's faith and individuality.

Length: 25mm, Width: 18mm

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